Yes, writing is hard work. But as we create realistic deadlines together, establish sustainable writing habits, and help you find your best writing practice, we will also keep in mind the reasons you became a writer in the first place. Never losing sight of your vision and purpose, we will focus on getting things done and helping you be the best writer you can be.


I’ll begin by listening to what you need. We’ll talk about your goals, your writing process, and the kind of help you’ll most benefit from.


Depending on your needs, we may work together on helping you achieve any or all of the following (and more):


  • Release blocks that inhibit your ability to feel excited and energized by your writing.
  • Finish writing projects and deadlines without killing yourself in the process.
  • Tap into your body’s wisdom and re-awaken a deep sense of inner knowing.
  • Achieve clarity amidst the demands, pressures, and input of outside voices.
  • Build trust in yourself and your decisions.
  • Replace discipline with intention and allowing.
  • Remember how to play.
  • Move beyond the “hampster wheel” model of productivity so that you enjoy a feeling of thriving as you get things done.
  • Remember your deepest reasons for writing.