This intensive course is designed for writers of any genre who wish to delve more deeply into their own memories and discover new ways of transforming memories into material. Writers at any stage of a project are welcome.

Together, we will consider the nature of memory and its implications for our writing. In addition to investigating how to remember more, we will consider such topics as:

  • Cultural and personal attitudes/anxieties about memory
  • Does remembering more necessarily mean remembering better?
  • What do our memories tell us about our own “stories of self?”
  • Collective memory
  • The ethics of remembering/not remembering
  • The body and memory
  • Writing into the gaps
  • Emotional truth vs. story truth

Course participants will receive:

  • Weekly Guided Audio Meditations designed to help you remember deeply and differently
  • Weekly Writing Exercises to help you transform memories into material
  • Discussion Questions for thinking through the “problem” of memory
  • Reading as a Writer Guides that highlight how other writers draw on memory

In addition, the course is designed to assist in developing solid writing habits, provide structure and accountability, and support writers in becoming their own best writing advocate.