This course is designed for memoir writers who wish to generate material for their memoir while thinking reflectively about the nature of memoir and its particular challenges and possibilities. Writers at any stage of a memoir are welcome.

In addition to investigating the nature of memoir, we will consider such topics as:

  • What does it mean to write “the story of our lives?”
  • How do we transform memories into material?
  • Form and function: what form might your content be asking for?
  • The art of selecting: how do we determine which details to include and which to leave out?
  • Beyond the self: what larger concerns does your story speak to?
  • Drawing craft lessons from fiction: creating compelling scenes and plot
  • The ethics of memoir writing
  • Envisioning the architecture of the whole

Course participants will receive:

  • Weekly Guided Audio Meditations designed to help you access deeper levels of memory and imagination
  • Weekly Writing Exercises to help you generate material for your memoir
  • Discussion Questions for thinking through the “artistic problems” of memoir
  • Reading as a Writer Guides that highlight how other writers approach the genre of memoir

The course is designed to assist in developing solid writing habits, provide structure and accountability, and support writers in becoming their own best writing advocate.