Begins Monday, October 16, 2017. 9 weeks. Email-based course. 

This intensive email-based course is designed for academic writers in any field who have finished their dissertation and wish to develop or refine the concept of their dissertation-turned-book and complete a book proposal. Writers who have just recently finished their dissertation, as well as writers who are further along in their dissertation-turned-book, are welcome.

Writers will leave the course with a completed draft of the book proposal, a refined concept for their book, and a plan-of-action for next steps.



Memory Intensive for Writers. Email-based course. 

This intensive course is designed for writers of any genre who wish to delve more deeply into their own memories and discover new ways of transforming memories into material. Writers at any stage of a project are welcome. Through Guided Audio Meditations, weekly Writing Exercises, and Reading as a Writer Guides, we will consider such questions as: How does memory work? How can we remember more? Does remembering more equal remembering better? How do we use the material of memory to help us tell compelling stories?



From Memory to Memoir. Email-based course. 

This course is designed for memoir writers who wish to generate material for their memoir while thinking reflectively about the nature of memoir and its particular challenges and possibilities. Through Writing Exercises, Guided Audio Meditations, and Reading as a Writer Guides, we will explore such questions as: What does it mean to write “the story of our lives?” How do we transform memories into material? What larger concerns do our stories speak to? Memoir writers at any stage are welcome.